Artistic Director

  • Hickory Community Theatre
  • 30 3rd Street Northwest, Hickory, NC, USA
  • Oct 02, 2019
Full time Creative Management Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description

The Artistic Director of Hickory Community Theatre is responsible for advancing the Theatre’s mission, implementing the artistic vision and upholding our values, working in partnership with the Managing Director. The Artistic Director will provide leadership and propose transformative strategies that will help advance the Theatre’s mission, implement the artistic vision, uphold our values and, working together with the Managing Director, create a sustainable operating model for the future. The Artistic Director will be creative, yet open-minded, generous and willing to nurture and support other theatre artists, both volunteers and professionals. Such a person should also have strong relationships across the theatre field that can expand the connections and opportunities for Hickory Community Theatre. While some aspects of the role are predominately local - programs, education, and community engagement activities will primarily respond to and impact people in the Hickory Metro - the theatre’s regional profile and participation in statewide and national associations offer an opportunity to contribute to the field’s advancement. Both onstage and offstage, the Artistic Director will be expected to embrace a highly interactive and respectful tone centered on inclusion, respect, discovery and collaboration. The Artistic Director also is expected to be a visible member of the social and cultural community, eagerly collaborating with other community organizations and engaging members of the press and public. The Artistic Director will be a creative collaborator who embraces the variety of duties that come with the evolving role of theatre and theatre activities in contemporary society.

The Artistic Director leads all activities related to the creative and production aspects of a professionally run theatre organization. These roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to: Organizational Mission and Artistic Vision, Production Management, Directorial Management, Company Management and assisting with Volunteer Management.

Capabilities: Demonstrated creative experience in theatre endeavors with a record of success is required. However, there is no specific theatrical background that will receive preferential consideration. Exemplary verbal and written communication skills as well as multiple language aptitude are greatly appreciated. The drive to be a cultural, artistic, and community leader is essential. Independent engagements of a national and international nature that enhance Hickory Community Theatre’s visibility and connections are welcomed.

Soft Skills: The ideal Artistic Director will be a creative thinker who is open to new ideas and opportunities as an innovator of multifaceted productions and programs. Collecting, feeling, and distilling disparate concepts, the Artistic Director will develop a path focused on the many audiences served by a leader and an organization committed to the community. The Artistic Director will be motivated by subjective viewpoints, surroundings, and experiences. Instinctive by nature, this individual will have an ability to flexibly meet the demands of a contemporary theatre organization. The Artistic Director will also be resourceful in maximizing the return on investment of time, talent, energy, and resources, centered on the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the Hickory Community Theatre.

Competitive compensation and benefits are enhanced by the ability to make a major difference on an established theatrical institution in a vibrant community, and to transform lives through the art of quality live theatre. Relocation costs will be subsidized as necessary. 

Interested applicants should submit a letter that balances artistic philosophy with accomplishments and addresses both the hard and soft skills desired. Include a resume that highlights a commitment to artists and community, and a production-oriented account of the applicant’s career and qualifications that demonstrates past theatre experience that has made a meaningful contribution to contemporary society and encompasses artistic and commercial successes.

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Applications and inquiries should be directed to: John Rambo, Managing Director.


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Hickory Community Theatre

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